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Eco-Friendly Printing


We use only the most modern and eco-friendly methods and materials

DI (digital imaging) waterless offset delivers the same or better quality than regular four colour offset litho but without many of the drawbacks. Plates are made by laser on the press, cutting out the photographic processes and potentially harmful chemicals involved in conventional platemaking.


'Waterless' means the press runs without damping solutions, cutting out the use of more chemical additives used in regular offset printing.


We source our materials with the utmost care. All our regular printing papers are FSC (Forestry Stewardship Committee) certified. That means pulp comes from responsibly managed plantations which have not replaced virgin forest. We also use a high proportion of recycled papers.


Nobody prints greener. Our customers include numerous local Green Party and other environmental pressure groups and a wide variety of public and non-profit bodies that are meticulous about their suppliers' environmental credentials.



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