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Genuinely Greener Printing

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Greener Printing

Use a Greener Printing Service...

For newsletters, leaflets, brochures, magazines and all your business printing.

These days most printers make claims for some kind of eco-friendly credentials and of course they will use environmentally friendly or recycled paper if you ask for it, and pay for it.

But isn’t this a bit like buying your ‘fair trade’ produce from a major supermarket chain? They stack the fair trade produce next to the - presumably - unfair trade goods thus abdicating responsibility for making an ethical choice. They don’t mind which you buy because they’ll make their profit either way; in fact they will probably make more if you go for the more expensive fair trade option. Doesn’t the same thing apply to buying print?


This is what makes People For Print different.

Greener Printing

Why Choose People for Print

National delivery only by carbon neutral parcel service.

Recycled paper and/or meets the highest environmental certification, ONLY for all customers.

We use only vegetable based inks ONLY for all customers.

All bulk printing by chemistry-free 'waterless' offset process ONLY for all customers.

Local delivery by hybrid electric vehicle.

Ethical buying policy and
comprehensive recycling.

Why Choose Us

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is our turnaround time?
    Typically 2-3 working days for offset printing, 24 hours for digital, but it helps to give us advance notice of your requirements particularly at busy times such as freshers week and local elections.
  • What is chemistry-free waterless offset?
    Waterless offset printing eliminates the photographic processes (and chemicals) involved in conventional offset lithography, along with a range of additives, reduces solvent use and paper waste, without compromising on print quality.
  • What do we mean by ‘ethical buying’?
    We operate an ethical buying policy, favouring small independent suppliers that share our ethos. As well as insisting on the top environmental accreditation so far as possible we check the provenance of our paper supplies to avoid dealing with manufacturers which migh have a questionable environmental record.
  • Why is our recycling record better than others?
    We maintain a comprehensive recycling regime - not just paper but cans, containers, cartridges and pallets. Typically we create less than one bag of non-recyclable waste a week - less than an average household.

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